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Nvidia 3분기 실적 전망


Nvidia( NVDA )는 한국의 기술 열풍을 적극적으로 이끌어가며, 11월 21일에 예정된 3분기 실적 발표를 향해 기대감이 높아지고 있는 기업 중 하나입니다. 이 거대한 기술 기업은 한국 시장에서도 높은 인지도를 지닌 상태로, 이번 분기에는 매출이 159억 9천만 달러에 이르며 EPS는 3.37달러로 예상되고 있습니다. Nvidia의 본사가 있는 산타클라라에서부터 중국 수출 통제, 제품 로드맵, 데이터 센터 공급망 업데이트, […]

How much further will NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) rise?

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NVIDIA Corporation sells its products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs), system builders, add-in board manufacturers, retail/distribution companies, independent software vendors, internet and cloud service providers, automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers, and mapping companies, among others. It has a strategic collaboration with Kroger Co. NVIDIA Corporation was founded in 1993 […]

Can Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) make AI chips cheap?

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Can Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) make AI chips cheap? Sure! NVIDIA’s expensive ai, which has dominated the ai chip market in the meantime, is now losing power. In the meantime, NVIDIA’s expensive ai chips that dominated the ai chip market are now losing power. NVIDIA’s stock, which has been steadily rising in the US stock […]

IonQ at a glance

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IonQ, Inc. is a quantum computing company. The company is involved in quantum computing and develops general-purpose quantum computing systems. It has developed custom hardware, custom firmware, and an operating system to build the quantum computers. The company’s computer systems utilize trapped-ion quantum technology. Access to the company’s quantum computers is made available through three […]

Will Micron(MU) rebound again?

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Will Micron really start rebounding again? Micron has overcome various challenging factors and has managed to create an upward trend in its stock value. It has already touched the peak of $73.99 on the upward curve and has since maintained a downward trend. However, Micron is currently seeking factors for a rebound after entering a […]